Petmate Sky Kennel

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Sturdy plastic construction
Non-corrosive plastic wing nuts
Extra tough steel wire

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A necessity for anyone who travels and has pets, the Pet Mate Sky Kennel for Pets is the last trip kennel you can need to buy. Featuring a sturdy, partially recycled plastic construction with non-corrosive plastic wing nuts, it’s low-maintenance and super sturdy. A heavy gauge wire mesh securely latches to keep your furry friend secure, and plenty of ventilation means he’ll be comfortable all through the entire travel.  This kennel is perfect for larger dogs, as its weight capacity is up to 90 pounds. Your pet will adore it, and you can have peace of mind all through your travels. This kennel meets airline requirements. Please note: Large, Extra-Large, and Giant sizes are built with ”dial” latch vault door which has an extra bar to help hold in larger dogs. The Small, Medium, and Intermediate sizes have the standard two prong squeeze door latch.  Clip on bowls aren’t included. Size dimensions: Small: 21L x 16W x 15H in. (Pets up to 15 lbs.) Medium: 28L x 20.5W x 21.5H in.  (Pets 25-30 lbs.) Intermediate:  32L x 22.5W x 24H in.  (Pets 30-50 lbs.) Large:  36L x 25W x 27H in.   (Pets 50-70 lbs.) Extra Large:  40L x 27W x 30H in.  (Pets 70-90 lbs.) Giant:  48L x 32W x 35H in.  (Pets 90-125 lbs.) About Petmate One of the vital respected and trusted names in the pet supplies industry, Petmate gave America its first airline-approved pet carrier more than 45 years ago. Through the years, Petmate refined the original carrier design, and by 1968 it began making the plastic kennel that’s become the industry standard. Located in Arlington, Texas, Petmate leads kennel sales worldwide, but it’s also an industry leader in pet feeding and watering systems, liter management products, and a wide variety of cat products. Petmate is dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality pet products to make your experience of being a pet parent more enjoyable. Sturdy plastic construction. Non-corrosive plastic wing nuts.
Sturdy plastic construction
Non-corrosive plastic wing nuts
Extra tough steel wire
Safe door latches for safety
Ample, 4-way ventilation
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