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Warning: 7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog Stroller


3 wheel dog stroller       Dog stroller with removable pet carrier

Have you ever considered a stroller for your dog? Sounds pretty far out there, but be assured that strollers for dogs are becoming more commonplace and used by dog owners everywhere! There is no better way to transport or spend time with your beloved pooch than to utilize a dog stroller. Just like with children, a dog stroller offers many benefits and perks! These strollers are unlike the ones used for children and many of them can accommodate even a dog that weighs in at 115 pounds! There are many models and styles available for you to choose from that will meet your lifestyle needs.

1.       A dog stroller can be a great asset to a dog owner because it offers a tired place for a dog to relax while the owner can continue their outdoor exercise such as walking or jogging! No more pulling on a leash or harness to get them to go that extra mile, literally! Not to mention constant contact with roads and sidewalks can wear on your dogís paw pads and using a dog stroller also cuts down on accidents such as contact with sharp and dangerous objects that can really hurt your canine companion! These strollers have reinforced wheels and durable frames, cozy and comfy seating, and secured latching to keep your pet safe while they are in the stroller. They are easy to use and store and most of them are very lightweight.

2.       The stroller is a great tool to use for veterinarian visits! Not only are they great for a dog that may be sick but also keeps them from other sick or aggressive animals found in the vetís office. The stroller also is great for transporting puppies. Dog Strollers are wonderful for transporting your dog that may be recovering from surgery or has limited mobility! These strollers for dogs are also going to be easy to clean in case of toilet mishaps.

3.       Ease and convenience for senior citizens! Senior citizens that worry about the mishaps that can happen when taking the outdoors with their dog on a leash or harness or are unable to use a pet carrier can easily maneuver a dog stroller with worry free ease! Not to mention it is a great benefit to senior dogs because it provides them a rest from their aging joints and muscles yet providing them with fresh air and social interaction.

4.       Carriers are great but they can be a hassle and even painful if used for long periods of time! Carriers with the added weight of a dog, even a small dog, can cause strain on the human body making an outing miserable! Dog strollers elevate that because they are designed to be easy to push even if your dog is 115 pounds!  There is no strain to the neck, back, and shoulder and even people with limited mobility can use a dog stroller quite easy! In this day and age more and more businesses as well as public places are becoming canine friendly and a stroller for a dog is a great way to patronage these businesses and spread the word that we all need to be a little more tolerant of our 4-legged friends!

5.       For outdoor outings such as ballgames, sporting events, camping, hiking, and even fishing trips to name a few, the dog stroller is more than useful! No more having to tangle with a leash or harness or worry about negative interaction with other dogs while you are outdoors! The dog stroller has a secure latch system that harnesses your dog in the seating portion of these strollers and some even can be enclosed while providing your dog with the ability of ventilation and a cozy place to relax! These strollers are cruelty free and are made with the dogís comfort in mind! No more do you have to leave your trusted dog at home while you and the family or friends go off to enjoy a day at the park or the kidís game!

6.       The dog stroller is truly worth its weight in gold when it comes to traveling! It makes easy work of a crowded airport or even on a cruise ship! It is the thing to use when going on vacations and visiting points of interest because it keeps your dog in the action but keeps them out of the way! Traveling has never been made simpler than with a dog stroller! Carriers again can be a painful strain and some are even bulky. The strollers are lightweight and are easy to pack as well as keeping your dog calm.

7.       Many of these strollers just donít accommodate a dog but can be used with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other pets. Most models can either be concealed or can be open. Most models are very elaborate in their specs to meet you and your dogís needs and lifestyles. They have lots of space and even compartments for food, waste bags, cleaning supplies, treats, and even your own baggage. The pet strollers are wonderfully rugged and tough and can withstand the most rigorous of activities!

Having a dog stroller is not meant to replace regular exercise but to enhance your pet owning experience! These strollers have many benefits aside from those mentioned above and your dog or pet is going to be happy with all the quality time, relaxation, and fun with their stroller! Owning a pet does not have to have restrictions when it comes to taking on the outside world when you have a dog or pet stroller! It is one of the very best things you can do for your pet! It will provide many hours of enjoyment for the both of you!

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