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How To Train Your Dog To Stop Begging At Dinner

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It is a natural tendency in a dog to beg for both your attention and food. Many dog owners find it cute and some of them get irritated when their dog starts begging every time he sees something delicious in the ownerís plate or when he needs love and attention. To stop your dog from behaving this way you need to train him well.


Why is Your Dog's Behavior Unacceptable?


  • Your dog sees your family as his pack. Now when in a pack any animal can have two roles either of the leader of the pack or a follower. In your family you strictly want your dog to be the follower and not the leader.
  • When your dog asks or begs for food and you give in and feed him, you are giving him an element of control or leadership in the pack and this is not what you want to do. So if you donít stop your dog in time you are just encouraging him to continue his begging.
  • Though at first you may find his looking at your plate with puppy eyes full of expectations cute, he may quickly turn too insistent if you donít stop him in time.
  • Sometimes dogs will roll over and ask you to rub their belly as soon as you walk into the room, now particularly when a puppy does this itís very endearing and you run to do his bidding, well you need to stop him and yourself before its too late.


Sometimes people let their puppies sit next to them when they are having their lunch, dinner and breakfast. Not only this. They also donít mind sharing the food from their plates with their puppies. Now this will just inculcate a very bad habit in your dog. Let me tell you about a true incident.


There was a guy I knew who would feed his dog a morsel or two with his hands every time he would. The dog was never left out and he would be there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He failed to realize that someday this very puppy will grow up to be a big dog and this behavior may not be acceptable then. He also didnít realize that by doing so he was just encouraging his dog to be undisciplined. As expected this puppy grew up to be a huge a dog. But by then this guy had had enough of his dogs undisciplined behavior each time he saw a plate of food. So he finally decided to abstain from sharing his food with his dog. So one day, despite all the begging and pleading he refused to give anything to the dog. In the beginning the dog continued his barking and begging but when he realized that his master was not paying heed to his barking he got aggressive and before his master could realize he leaped at the plate and tried to take a big bite of the steak. In the process he also took a bite at his masterís hand.


What You Need To Do To Stop Your Dog's Begging


The above incident may sound unrealistic because it is hard for you to imagine your dog hurting you just to get a piece of food. Unfortunately this behavior is real and so you must quickly take steps to improve his habits when he is still a puppy.


  • You necessarily need to keep your dog away from your dining table when you are having your food by keeping him confined to a certain place consistently while you and your family are eating. I suggest using a dog crate.
  • Your dog will need some time to understand what you want him to do but gradually he will learn to sit calmly in the given place and wait for his food to be served.
  • Once everybody is done eating you should promptly serve your dog with his food which he can eat out of his bowl.

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